If God Did It Once, He Can Do It Again!

You ever stop and think of all the amazing things our Father has done for us. Time after time He unexpectedly came through to our rescue. I know this is a year for many where things seem rough or impossible. However, I just want to say If He did it once He can do it again. The year is not over yet and God can always do things that will surpass our understanding and He is the God of the impossible. Meaning whatever you’re believing God to do be expectant of it. Maybe things haven’t come to pass because our fear sometimes is greater than our faith. “Faith can overcome anything.” (1John 5:4)

Whatever struggles we face, God has already equipped us with the solution to overcome it. For me it’s been a stressful and crazy year. In the beginning of the year I’ve lost it all: relationships, friends, finances, my job and almost lost my mind. But the savior I serve Jesus came to my rescue. I believe God is restoring back to me everything I’ve lost sevenfold. I had to lose it all to learn how to hold on and trust our Father God and Savior Jesus. That they were all I ever needed in this life and the next. These were all lessons and experiences I needed to learn to help me grow more and equipt and catapult me into my next season.

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