But the Lord loved you and wanted to keep the promise that he made to your ancestors. That is why he saved you by his great might and set you free from slavery to the king of Egypt. (Deuteronomy 7:8)

God is so graceful and merciful that He saved us from Egypt. Setting us free from the king of darkness: the devil, all of our sins, ways that are not of him, mindsets, people, places, etc. Whatever it is that holds us captive or not focused on Jesus. God saves us because of His love for us and the promises He made to our ancestors not because of anything we do. Yes of course us obeying Him and repenting will make Him move but most things were already established since before our birth. Egypt is the place we leave when God is taking us into the promised land. The promised land is fertile and has an abundant amount of life in it to produce for us and for God. Sometimes we can get stuck in the wilderness for years after leaving Egypt. The wilderness is where God prunes us to get us ready for the promised land. One word of advice don’t hold onto anything longer than what you’re supposed to. For example: I had a hard time letting go of the past and the hurt others have caused me. Every time I tried to move on I couldn’t because I was still holding onto the deadweight. I would wonder why I keep getting stuck in these never ending cycles of pain. It wasn’t until God opened my spiritual eyes and revealed to me that instead of healing and forgiving others I was dwelling on things and being bitter. How could I expect God’s goodness and forgiveness if I wasn’t willing to give it to others?

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