Pay attention to your dreams!

If you read Genesis 15:12-18 when Abraham fell into a deep sleep God came to make a covenant with him through a dream. Now the devil is trying his best to bring destruction upon the children of God through forging covenants via dreams. Isaiah 5:13 states My people are gone into captivity (bondage) because of lack of knowledge. Now moving forward Proverbs 11:9 states through knowledge shall the righteous be delivered. Your dreams play a very important role in the spiritual and natural world. Things first manifest in the spiritual before it can manifest in our life’s on earth.

Dreams you need to pay attention to are sexual dreams, dreams with familiar spirits, dreams with dead relatives (friends or people you knew) and last but not least dreams where you find yourself in old setting like a childhood home, old neighborhood, old school, etc. Demons will try to have sex with you to forge covenants in dreams. The dream will come about if you have a pending breakthrough so you don’t get your breakthrough at the appointed time you’re supposed to receive it. Also, the dreams will come about when the enemy wants to reinstate covenants that you are already delivered from.

Dreams where you see familiar spirits (family members, friends or people you know in real life) are actually not them but demons trying to gain your trust so you can forge covenants with them. Do not fall for this trap. Also, familiar spirits come into your dreams when you have witchcraft attacks upon your life. Next, if you have dreams where you see your dead relatives or people you knew pay attention to them. These are demons trying to forge covenants with you because after you die you cannot come back to earth to speak to the living. This is most likely a spirit of divination. Read 1 Samuel 28: 5-14 Saul went to consult a medium.

All in all, pay attention to dreams where you see yourself in old settings like your childhood home, old neighborhood, etc. This is a spirit of backwardness or hinderance trying to push you back in life and stop you from moving forward and achieving what God has destined for you. If you have been experiencing dreams like this or you had dreams like this you need to go on a fast as soon as possible. You need to grab all the deliverance scripture you can find in the Bible that relates to your situation and go on a 3 day dry fast (no food or drinks) or a 7 day fast from 6am to 6pm (no food or drinks during those hours).

During your fast disconnect from the world and spend all your time in prayer (make prayers out of the scriptures you find), reading The Bible (the word defeats the enemy) and with Jesus/ God. If you work and stuff like that find scriptures to meditate on throughout your day. Now upon wakening everyday whether on a fast or not you have to rebuke your dreams. Even if you think you have had no dream say this prayer: Lord I know I had a dream last night (even though I don’t remember it) if the dream was of you I accept your will for my life. If that dream was not of you I reject it, renounce it, cancel it out and it will never take any physical shape in my life. In Jesus name, Amen!

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