Imaginable Pain

Imagine climbing to the top of a mountain and you see you’re about to reach the top and joy overcomes you. Nevertheless, as soon as you reach the top you slip and tumble down all the way to the bottom. When you’re hurting and in whatever room you’re in it feels like the walls are caving in. When you’re trying to keep it all together nonetheless as soon as you remember the pain you break down at the weirdest moments. When you’re smiling and all of a sudden you start to cry. It’s this unsettling yet so familiar feeling that makes your soul ache. Look at it like this, view yourself doing something and all of a sudden you stub one of your toes on something… The pain you feel in the moment is excruciating but then it doesn’t hurt anymore. This is what pain feels like.

Imagine being asleep on a plane and all of a sudden there is strong turbulence and the movement of the plane disrupts your sleep. That is exactly how pain catches us when we are minding our business. You may sit there and ask yourself: “Why do I feel the way I do? Or Why is this occurring to me?” Furthermore, you might say “ I must have done something really bad to deserve this.” Yet, you did no wrong, this was just a necessary step in your life. The trials and turbulence that come your way build you up and make you stronger. When it rains it pours yet the rainbow always appears after each storm.

Imagine there is only one remedy that can heal us for an eternity. The remedy is my Father, us holding onto his son, and confining in the Holy Spirit. Pain was when they crucified Jesus Christ (He who committed no Sin) on the cross. Despite the fact that his only “crimes” were to heal people, perform miracles, and spread the Gospel. Jesus could have called on our Father to save Him, however he chose to die for our sins. For this very reason, we can stop imagining the remedy and tune into reality. The Word was already in the world, and though God made the world through him, yet the world did not recognize him. (John 1:10) Jesus loves us unconditionally and knows us before we discover ourselves. Picture yourself trying to draw a heart but one side turns out imperfect then you redraw another line to make the sides look even. Afterwards you shade in the inside of the heart so the imperfect line doesn’t show. That’s how Jesus views us and our flaws. He overlooks our impurities to make us pure. All He asks of us is to seek him and his Kingdom.

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