Healing: Realize the Real Lies

Realize the real lies… In order to heal you have to emerge into the truth. You have to do a lot of analyzing and distance yourself from a lot of things. You have to realize who’s really down for the real you and who’s just down for the moment. The reason most people come in and out of your life is because most fall in love with this false image of you. God uses temporary people in temporary circumstances to mold the permanent you. Nevertheless, you have to realize if you’re where you really want to be in life. Are you doing what fulfills you within or are you doing what’s going to get you by and pay your bills? When you find yourself you realize you need to surround yourself with people that think like our father, the real you. Surround yourself with people that have the lifestyle you want to live or create. If you don’t see the circumstances you want, create it.

Healing is a process and a commitment you are making to yourself. In order to find peace you have to forgive even those who were never sorry for hurting you. Remind yourself God has your back and keep pushing forward. Remember nobody will have your back better than God, so don’t go around lending your back to people that are just going to break it in the end. Once I synchronized and became one with the real me I was able to Realize the real lies. I was able to identify the things that were holding me back. Somewhere along the way the devil threw a distraction my way that only wanted to rob me from my purpose. But no weapon formed against me shall prosper. God will do what he said he will do. It might take days, weeks, months, or even years but when He finally makes it happen he does it with Grace. His grace is so amazing that he always covers us with more than what we ask for even if we don’t deserve it.

The Lord along with his son Jesus Christ heal, they make everything new. Jesus went all around Egypt spreading the Gospel in synagogues, healing people, and driving demons out of people. He healed paralyzed people, he made the blind see, the mute talk, the sinners pure and many more. Did you know when Jesus cured he didn’t even have to touch anybody or be near them to heal them. All Christ had to do was say the words and anybody that believed got healed. Don’t you know you can never lose with the Lord by your side. You don’t need to fight any battles because He’ll fight them for us and win every time. The devil can’t touch you as long as my father has a hold of you. “You do not understand now what I am doing, but you will understand later.” (John 13:7)

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