Let it Go & Let God Reign

You only live once…

Anything that doesn’t look like God, let it go. Anything that doesn’t feel like God, let it go. Anything that leads you in the wrong path, let it go. Anything that messes up your peace and causes you stress, let it go. Forgive just as Jesus Christ forgave even though he knew everybody’s true intentions from the start. Anything preventing you from reaching the next level God has for you in life, let it go. No matter how old we get, we must keep on growing. You’ll know your life has been stagnant when you’re not learning or doing anything new. Unless you’re walking in your destiny you will never be satisfied with what life has to offer.

Sometimes we as humans get too attached to an idea, person or thing that we lose focus on our real mission in life. We lose focus on the purpose of our creation or never get to discover our purpose. Inevitably at some point we sometimes lose focus on God. No matter the circumstances we need to hold on to him especially through the storms. God has placed something unique inside each of us that makes us different from the next person. The next person will not be able to re-create what God has given me; not even long gone after I have entered the Kingdom of my Father. My gift is mine and there will never again be another me but me when I was me. On the bright side anyone can be an influencer and encourage others to find their purpose with God and rediscover themselves.

The only way to a fulfilling life is by walking with the Father. Once you have been in His presence and have felt his peace, I promise you you’ll never be the same person ever again. The things you used to trip about will not even matter. The bad decisions you used to make, you will not make again. You’ll use your words for good instead of bad. After all is said and done, when you have felt God’s glory you’ll realize he’s the only one you have ever needed. Don’t be afraid of slipping up just remember to discipline yourself. Embrace the temporary pain, it doesn’t last forever. You’ll be able to let go of who you once was, and emerge into the person God has always envisioned you to be. Happiness comes from within and only you can make yourself happy.

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