True Happiness

God doesn’t want us to be perfect, He just wants us to be only His. Guilty of sin are those who know they need Jesus yet do nothing about it. However, my Father will be pleased with those that know that missing void in their spirits is Jesus. Happy are those who know they are spiritually poor; the Kingdom of heaven belongs to them!” (Matthew 5:3) Be merciful to one another and always try to please the Lord in everything you do.

Each of us have our purpose in life but our mission is to bring light to the world. I decided one way I can be light to the world is by writing about the magnificent things our Lord can do for us. What better way than to praise the Lord for all He has created. Also, people get to know about the wonderful things Jesus has done for me. Furthermore, do not disobey the Lord’s commandments or teach anybody else to do so. Our God is an angry God and He dislikes wrongdoings.

Love one another and pray for your enemies. Trust me I know that’s hard… who wants to be there for their enemies? The old me would of told them to “pray for themselves.” But in order to act like Jesus I have we have to be nice to each other, especially to those who do you wrong. The pagans, tax collectors, etc only talked to people they liked or loved only whom they chose. So, if we were to act like this we would not be any better than those who persecuted our Lord Jesus.

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