My Calling:

I remember moving to Harrisburg, PA when I was 15 in 2013.. I was starting 10th grade and my first friend was God sent. How do I know? Because she’s all about God, her dad is a Pastor and when you see her you can see God. I never realized until now that God had been calling me since my 10th grade year in high school. Wow I’m so grateful God is love, kind and most of all PATIENT with us. I know He called me many more times, I ran from Him for a long time but I never did it intentionally. I didn’t really think I had a purpose, I just thought I existed. I wasn’t really thinking there was a bigger picture that had to do with God and satan. I didn’t even know anything about God or Satan. I just lived my life according to how I felt. But one thing is that even though I didn’t know I was His, I still behaved like I was His. Because of Him is why I have been so blessed in my life. I always had blessings but somehow I just thought I was a lucky person. And yes I am very lucky because the Lord chose me. I am the chosen one, I am the one who will break the generational curse. I am the one who’s going to introduce God to the people around me and spread the gospel throughout the world. This time when you called me sometime in September 2019 I heard you clearly. “Here I am Lord, Send Me.”

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