The Good & Wicked

Wicked people will not make it into God’s kingdom. The good will always be rewarded no matter how many times they are persecuted. When things go wrong, we should not give into our emotions. Even if the wicked try to persecute us let them because God is watching. “12 The wicked plot against good people and glare at them with hate. 13 But the Lord laughs at wicked people, because he knows they will soon be destroyed. (Psalm 37:12-13) God does not like ugly, there’s no point in revenge because God will always get the last laugh. Whenever someone or something tries to get me out of my character I just remember that God is always watching. Our karma is how we react to situations. Love one another, be kind, and compassionate. God does not measure us by how good we are. God measures us by how we treat other people.

If you see a rich person or someone that has more than you, do not get jealous. If you are a good person but possess very little that is worth much more than a million dollars. It is very hard for rich people to get into the kingdom of God because they do not need him. The rich already possess everything they need and think money can fix all their problems instead of turning to God. “The little that a good person owns is worth more than the wealth of all the wicked.” (Psalm 37:16) In the end it does not matter how much money or possessions we have because our tombs will all look the same. When we die we can’t take anything with us and our bodies will decay. Looks will not matter in the end all that matters is how good of a soul you have. God sees the inside not the outside appearance.

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