It’s All A Set Up

The Bible is being played out right in front of our eyes. Not everyone can comprehend the Bible. Therefore, the upper minority (government) might be using it for evil. They try to make us believe God isn’t who He says He is. Call me crazy but I do not care. Our God is bigger than all this. Our God can over power even the highest person and that’s the president. Jesus is who He says He is and can do what He says He can do. Peace didn’t do it. Protesting didn’t either. How about PRAYER. You imagine if the world United to pray like we did to protest. God wants us to repent so He can heal the world. This is way bigger than us, they are trying to manipulate us. Where is the Corona virus now? How come the police were not worried about maintaining the 6 feet distance? Something ain’t right and why did they have a huge robot? 

Y’all ever think the government purposely did this to create division and confusion? They knew exactly what race to target. & It isn’t fair what they do to us. They do not care about us. But I refuse to stoop down to their level with violence. That’s exactly what they want so they can say “we had it coming”. They are up to something and we’ll soon find out. Maybe we need to stop and recognize GOD SEES US. GOD NOTICES THE BLACK COMMUNITY. And before you say where has he been all this time? Ask yourself HAVE YOU RECOGNIZED HIM, SO HE CAN RECOGNIZE YOU.? Did you REPENT for your sins? We are too busy finding recognition in a country that has already been given to us. It’s so sad how money and power can turn people so evil. Jesus is the SOLUTION TO EVERYTHING.

We are all one race and that is God’s race. We all come from the same place, our creator. However, at this time the lives that are at risk are our African American family. can not say you love Jesus and condone violence. Violence has been around for centuries and look it still has not resolved anything. We don’t need to stoop down to their level to win. We need to elevate to a higher knowledge with the most high. We need to awaken our spiritual side instead of giving in to the carnal flesh. We need to Pray for our people. They don’t want the African American race to find God and be more powerful than them. Y’all do not understand how powerful and intelligent we all are. People don’t act things of no such value. You know what that means? The Black race is a treasure of God… that is why they try to enslave our ancestors and not even teach them how to read or write.

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