Happy Birthday to Me

First of all, Thank you Father for another year of birth. I get to be alive to celebrate and enjoy life. Today we’re going to have fun and go to the beach or a hotel or both. I’m thankful and grateful to the Lord Jesus for letting me spend it with my little family. As I get older I get more intrigued to do the right things with God. I’m only getting older and that is a blessing I just want to be an example to my son. I love the growth and progress in my life. I love the women God is helping me become. I couldn’t be here without God, He made me a better person. Also, when my son came into this world I wanted to change for Him and Anderson. I wanted to change because I wanted to have something different, something everybody thinks is impossible. But I’m ready to start living in the supernatural. Meaning God is a supernatural God and He lives in another dimension. Nobody can ever come close to God but Jesus and that’s why His power is bigger than anything. So Happy Birthday to me. May God keep on blessing me with many more years of life and that I set out to do everything He has for me in His will. “May you bless those connected to me and heal the world from this Virus and the pain.” In Jesus name, Amen.

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