Dead End to Direction

I was listening to videos last week and they were about Lazarus in the Bible. Then I saw this post on Facebook that said “let the voice that called Lazarus back to life command your marriage, dreams, faith,family, love… back to life again”. Moving forward as I was sitting on my couch at 7:05 in the morning it hit me. This corona virus came to make people believe as He did when He let Lazarus die. Later on after four days of Lazarus being buried Jesus appeared and revived Him. Jesus did all this so that we can believe He is the Son of the Father. However, this corona virus came in at the perfect timing. Certain things had to die in the beginning season of the pandemic to later on be restored in ways that only Jesus could have gotten the credit for. For example, when this pandemic all started I could have told you my relationship was over for sure. I moved away to another state because I couldn’t take it anymore. Hence, a couple months later I’m back in my home. God works in mysterious ways but it’s all for our good. We just have to learn to have patience and trust Him.

Patience is a dreadfully long or short process. The quicker you learn to master it, the less tests on patience we will get. Wouldn’t that be a beautiful life with less tests? Truth is life always keeps testing us so we have to always stay ready. Unless we have a family of our own. You know someone you can come home to and take off the armor of God you carry for the world. Someone that makes you feel like home. I want to be in a happy marriage. I don’t want to just get married to say I’m married. This is why I’m taking it slow with the father of my son. I know God can change this situation, I just have to believe. Trust me sometimes the process is hard. I have to retrain my mind to leave the past in the past. We both did some messed up things, but it takes two people to want it bad to make it work. Also, I’m not forcing anything I’m just letting God do. I know it’s going to take time. I’m perfectly fine with being alone, I don’t need anything but God and Jesus. Now that I want you is different, that means I can live without you but I choose you.

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