Witchcraft; Guard Yourself

Wow there have been so many spiritual attacks throughout my life and now more than ever and I was going to just go on living my life without knowing there was more to it than what I thought. There’s people in my life that have tried witchcraft upon my life and my family. But the God I serve revealed it all to me. Glory to Yeshua. Hallelujah! People are so miserable, selfish and jealous that they would try to tie someone down in the spiritual world. They know if they can do it in the spiritual realm it will come into reality in the natural realm. Sometimes you think nothing in your life can go right or why you are not prospering or why you can’t keep a relationship but there are spirits trying to stop you from advancing and reaching your destiny. The sad part is that it is people close to me and some of it is a result of generational curses. Literally everyone in my family does witchcraft. Great news is that according to Yahweh’s words in Isaiah 54:17 “no weapon formed against me shall prosper.” They have been trying to attack my relationships, my finances, my mind and more just so I won’t reach my destiny. But according to my Father’s words in Isaiah 8:10 “Make your plans! But they will never succeed. Talk all you want to! But it is all useless, because God is with us.”

People would go so far to even make an altar and have your picture on it or something that belongs to you and chant curses upon you. Then you wonder why you can’t keep a job, a relationship, are stuck in poverty and more. Despite you doing everything right you can’t seem to get ahead. But someone has tied down your destiny, finances and more somewhere so you will not prosper. If you have dreams of dead loved ones, having sex with someone or someone shooting at you and more those are demons and spirits trying to make covenants with you in the spiritual realm. Either spirits of poverty or trying to bring death upon you, spirits of unmarried, spirits of bareness and more. They can try to bring spirits of anxiety and depression upon you to drive you crazy. However, the God I serve is almighty and power and He has already defeated the enemy. In the name of YESHUA every curse, witchcraft or demonic activity sent upon my life has already been destroyed, every chain has been broken, every evil covenant these spirit tried to make through my dreams has been stop because according to my Father’s words in 2 Samuel 5:20 “The Lord has broken through my enemies like a flood.” Don’t be afraid to stand up and fight back with the word, don’t wait for the enemy to come to you… bring the fight to them.

I never wanted to personally do those things but Im so sorry to Yahweh and Yeshua I ever let people read me tarot cards and other foolish things. That opened a door to Satan into my life. All that is fake and the visions they claim to see come from the devil. They will manipulate the answer and tell you lies….. If you feel like you have witchcraft on you; Please go watch this video on YouTube so you can gain knowledge: WRITE DOWN THE POWERFUL PRAYERS IN THE VIDEO AND LISTEN CAREFULLY. This video is Kevin L.A Ewing https://youtu.be/_lSiacIc2OM

One of the Powerful Prayers in the video is: Father God, every spirit coming against my prosperity, every spirit coming against my progress, I send the fire of God to silence the voice of those spirits in the name of Yeshua. Father send your judgment fire, send your fire, send your fire, father God upon those wicked wicked evil spirits. Demolish those altars with the fire of the living God. Every evil sacrifice to send me out of my mind, every sacrifice to give me the spirit of anxiety, every spirit of depression, I unsheathe you in the realm of the spirit, I send arrows of our Lord Jesus Christ against you to consume you by fire, In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!

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