Whatever Yahweh leads you to do to do He will also give you the strength for. In the book Nehemiah he wanted to go back to His city Jerusalem and to build it back. He mourned and prayed to God about it and God made a way. At that time before he went to build the city he worked for Emperor Artaxerxes as a wine steward. The emperor one day saw him sad and asked him why he is sad and what does he want. Nehemiah told him to let him go back to his city and to give him letters and resources. By the grace of Yahweh the emperor granted Nehemiah everything he wanted. However, Nehemiah faced opposition in Jerusalem trying to build the city. This man named Sanballat tried everything to stop Nehemiah and the people helping him from building the city back up. Sanballat even tried plotting against Nehemiah but he didn’t fall for it. Yet, God made a way each and every time and Nehemiah got to finish building Jerusalem back up. His opposition had no other choice but to recognize God was there all along and left him alone.

We can apply all this to our own life’s. Whatever Yahweh and Yeshua tells us to do in today’s world, you can rest assured they will give us strength. We can not accomplish very much by our own strength but “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13) Opposition will always show up when you’re walking in your destiny. Remember when God makes a way for you, Satan will also try to make a way or throw something your way to stop you. However, “Who can be against you when God is for you?” (Romans 8:31) As long as you keep pushing and moving forward you won’t be stopped. Yahweh and Yeshua will be with you every step of the way through the good and when the trials and tribulations come. Don’t stay stuck in the obstacles, persevere and find a solution. It’s not what comes your way that will stop you is how you perceive what comes your way. Things can either build you up or break you down… and you have all the control over that. Just like Nehemiah did keep going and you will see the light. You will overcome it all because God will give you the grace to.

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