Yahweh is onto something in my life right now. My heart is so heavy at the moment and you guys wouldn’t believe why. In due time I’ll tell you all about it. Can I just say I feel like I found the puzzle piece that was missing from a puzzle I’ve been trying to figure out for a while. When you get out your own way God will start revealing things that will leave you in amazement. All I can say is glory to Yahweh and Yeshua. The devil is such a liar man I wish I could tell y’all but not yet. 

If you feel stuck or are in a weird place please fast so you can hear Yahweh better. Fasting can change your life in a good way. Don’t over do it though, only fast if God is leading you to do it. You will know God is leading you to fast if when you start the fast, Satan tries to tempt you to eat. Fasting when God leads you to do it will heal you. You will know God is not urging you to fast if fasting is affecting your health and it is hurting you instead of helping you.

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