Rejoice No Matter What

I have learned to be content no matter the circumstance. (Philippians 4:11) I know in life there will be many ups and downs. There will be many things that will try to steal our joy and happiness. As we chose to follow Christ the devil will try his best to get us down. However, we should learn to rejoice no matter what trials and tribulations come our way. For it is not what happens to us that matters but how we chose to deal with those things. Changing your perspective on your current circumstance might be what gives you peace of mind. We can’t always change what happens to us; from being persecuted by others, to your financial situation, etc. Yet, we can always trust God because He is in control. For example if your relatives treat you badly because of your belief in Christ or you face opposition in the workplace or even the events going on in the nation today might get you down but always remember you don’t have to let these things steal your joy because God is in control of everybody and everything in this world. God has the power to change any circumstance and change anybody’s heart. Therefore, when things get bad hold onto Jesus and your Joy and you will see it through. It will not be easy but Jesus will always give you the strength you need.

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