You are who your family has been waiting for.

Things will not come easy for you if you’re the first one in your family trying to break generational curses. Things will get hard before they get better. If nobody before you did it, why do you think it’ll be easy for you? It’s like a baby when they are first learning to walk. At first you see the baby stumbles a lot. The baby doesn’t really have any balance or sense of direction. However, the baby does not give up and the baby keeps going and trying and trying. Until one day eventually the baby gets it and is walking. Similar to that will be our journey when we start this walk with Jesus.

You might not know where you’re going or how you’re going to do it at first. Many roadblocks will come to try to hinder you. You will experience a lot of testing of trials that will test your faith. Some days you might feel like giving up. However, do not give up because when you least expect it everything will make sense. Your faith will get stronger. The vision will get clearer. The obstacles won’t ever stop yet you’ll have the mindset to overcome. This walk with Jesus is not for the weak. That is why “Many are called but a few are chosen.” (Matthew 22:14)

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